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Urgent Action Required: Invitation for COVID-19 Assistance Meeting + Business Continuity Plan

Urgent Action Required: Invitation for COVID-19 Assistance Meeting + Business Continuity Plan

As a business owner, there is one key thing you need to totally focus on now – keeping your business alive during these difficult times. It’s not all doom and gloom either – withstanding the tough times sets a business up to be a fast turning cash flow business when everything bounces back in a positive way in the future.

It’s vital that you build a cash “war chest” which will let you keep trading through the coming difficult months.

Also, we want to help you to protect the health of your employees and customers and clients.

EnVision Partners have compiled a COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that addresses these seven key areas that affect you:

1. Cash Flow
2. Protection of your Assets – including personal assets like your family home
3. Banks and Funding
4. Management Team Planning
5. Your Employees
6. Customers and Suppliers
7. Mental Health Support

The BCP can give you great assistance to keep your business alive and give you and your team framework for the support you need during this COVID-19 crisis.


There are two ways in which we can immediately help you.

1. Provide you with a personalised COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

With this option, we provide you with the BCP which enables you to review your position and choose which actions to implement.

2. Have a one-hour Assistance Meeting with us, where we meet and discuss your personalised COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan and guide you through the best actions to take.


OPTION 1, where we provide you with a personalised COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan, is $250 + GST.

OPTION 2, where we have a one-hour Assistance Meeting with you to discuss your personalised COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan, is $550 + GST.

Both of these prices are low compared to the value that you will receive – keeping your business alive, protecting your family assets and helping to keep your employees in their jobs.


Please reply to this email or phone our office on (07) 4662 8700 and let us know if you would like Option 1 or Option 2. We are available to book in Assistance Meetings from this week onward.

Our team at EnVision Partners are here to help you. Please reply email us at or phone us on (07) 4662 8700 to talk with us further about how we can help.

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