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Update on EnVision Partners Response to COVID-19

Update on EnVision Partners Response to COVID-19

In light of the recent developments around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the uncertainty we are all facing day-to-day, we felt it important to assure you that we expect no major interruptions to our services.


While we do not know if we will be working from our office or working from our homes in the coming weeks, we have invested heavily in the latest technology in recent years, which means we can keep assisting you no matter what may happen. All members of our team are able to work remotely and have access to all the technology systems and tools they use daily to assist our clients. Please keep emailing or phoning your Accountant and Advisors at EnVision when you need us, and we will be here to help you!


If you have any general queries, requests for bookings, meetings or requests for documents, please feel free to contact the office on (07) 4662 8700 or email us on

Business and Tax

The Australian Government has just released their $17.6 billion economic stimulus package in response to the Coronavirus. It is designed to help employers to keep their workforce levels. There are key tax benefits that business owners need to access over the next few months. Our expert Accountants are here to help business owners receive the maximum benefits they can. For any questions you may have about accounting, tax or business matters, please feel free to contact your manager.

Wealth Advice

The share markets have crashed due to fear and uncertainty in the marketplace. As has always happened before, when this crisis is over, the markets will pick up again. Keeping a long term focus and not panicking now is the key to success. For any questions you may have about wealth and investment matters, we can arrange for you to contact a financial planner in our advisory network. Please feel free to get in touch with our office.


If you have to self-quarantine or are admitted to hospital, not having an EPOA means no-one else can make important business or financial decisions on your behalf. We strongly recommend you have an up-to-date EPOA and Will, and that your family know where these are stored. We have teamed up with our legal network to offer you a fast, easy and professional way to get these documents prepared. Simply email us at or phone our office on (07) 4662 8700 to request for an EPOA and Will Form and we will email you a link to our “Will and EPOA Data Capture Form” to get started.


These are times when we need to stay calm and rely on reliable news sources and information from State and Australian Government websites. What you see on social media may be panicky and unreliable information – stay away from this! Our team at EnVision Partners are here to help you. Please contact us on (07) 4662 8700 or email us at any time if you need any assistance.  

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